...Welcome to the Monroeville Mall...

Ello y'all! I know it's been awhile since I rapped to ya, but I've been working on numerous commissions as of recently.. Ever heard of George A. Romero?? Curzon Midnight Movies and Cine-Excess III are running ‘A Night with George A. Romero’ on May 1 - a tribute to this icon of cult cinema. Films to be screened will be:

* The Night of the Living Dead
* Dawn of the Dead
* Day of the Dead

My submission for the Don't Panic x Curzon Midnight Movie Marathon of George A. Romero.. Enjoy!


..Squidbillies Early Cuyler Prototype..

This here is any early Early Cuyler Prototype Vinyl Figure.. Squidbillies can been seen on the Adult Swim line up.. Ben Prisk is the man behind the backgrounds for the show..


Otis College of Art and Design Toy Design Project.. Fully articulated Junkyard monsters that run amok and sumo slam each other.. Each arm has a RCA port that links them up to the computer for interweb battles..

..Print Preview..

..You'll see..


Custom DUBCITY JADA Toys Scion for Alpha Cult's art show in Long Beach. Alpha Cult hosted the JADA Toys event comprised of many toy designers from JADA Toys.