Anaglyph 3D Ghostbusters Paragoggles

I just finished up my Ghostbusters Paragoggles (or Ecto Goggles). According to Ghostbusters lore, The Paragoggles are activated independently of the PKE Meter but can work in conjunction with it. They enable the user to view otherwise-invisible ectoplasmic activity, objects on the ethereal plane, and objects that exhibit paranormal affinity. At times your Paragoggles will reveal Ectoplasmic Residue, reducing the need for PKE Meter readings. I however went a little on the techie side and decided to insert anaglyph 3D red and blue lenses in them. Now the spooks and specters really pop out at ya! If you have a set of 3D glasses lying around, I suggest you go and get them. ;D