Nintendo Wii Ghostbusters Ecto Containment Unit

Here is a photo of the Nintendo Wii Ghostbusters Ecto Containment Unit. Once you have trapped a ghost in the game your date is saved on the SD card. The idea is that you are able to remove the SD card from the Wii and insert it into the Containment Unit to upload your save data. Once the transfer of data is complete a hologram of the ghosts that you have caught will appear floating in suspended animation inside the Ghostbusters Containment Unit. **Stay Puft not included** :D

ArtCycle Promo Shoot..

Can Do Crew 2010..


Art Cycle

Piece that Tiki and I created for the 2nd annual ArtCycle in EastLA!


Wacom Renders..

Found these old drawings on a drive and wanted to share.. :D


Nintendo Wii Ghostbusters Proton Pack in Action!!

I present to you a demonstration of the Proton Pack for the full Nintendo Wii Ghostbusters Experience.


Super Punch Tarot Submission..

Hello all! John Struan of Super Punch has chosen 78 different artists to create a Tarot Card deck in celebration of the third anniversary of his site! I have chosen to recreate the Seven of Swords for my card submission. Be sure to check out Endless Deck for info about the cards and to see more amazing artwork from the other artists.. Enjoy!!