Ghostbusters App Trap

It's that time of year again! To celebrate the autumnal equinox of 2011 today, I decided to tackle a fun Ghostbusters themed project. Earlier this week, a ghosthead that goes by the name Melnutz on the GBFans.com forums released an Android App version of the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap. You know I wouldn't be satisfied with just the App. I had remembered that CyberDrone had designed a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap papercraft that was really cool and follows the styling of the Ghostbusters film. When the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap App was released I said to myself: "We have to get these two together."

Introducing the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap App custom case, just in time for Halloween. If you can't afford the Matty Mattel Ghostbusters Ghost Trap that is being released on October 17th, this may be a fun project to get you busting some heads! (In a spiritual sense, of course..) It is constructed of black foam-core with the papercraft design glued to its surface. I used an old marker for the handle and cut an appropriate sized opening for my Droid X screen to fit into place. The best part is when you actually catch the ghost in the app. Since the phone starts to shake and vibrate, the trap really comes to life as it buzzes and moves on the table top.

Maybe I could figure out a way for this Ghostbusters Ghost Trap App to interact with the Ghostbusters Nintendo Wii Proton Pack that I had developed a while back. But before that, I think I have to come up with case for the Ghostbusters PKE meter App that was released on the same day. Hmmm..


You can see the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap App in action here.