DMC x KidRobot - Back to the Future Labbit Custom

Anybody who knows me, knows that when it comes to Back to the Future I'm crazy.. Everything from designing my own Back to the Future 2 Hover Board Skate Deck to creating a custom pair of Nike Mag 2015 kicks before Nike ever did tells me that I have seen these movies way too many times. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that I have seen the Back to the Future Trilogy more times than I've seen the Star Wars Trilogy! (Yes, trilogy) And this is coming from the guy who made an AT-AT Coin-Op Ride that looks like you would find it outside of some seedy bodega on Pico & Sepulveda.

I wanted to create my own version of the Back to the Future Time Machine with a bit of a twist. The Kidrobot Labbit makes for a good car because of it's shape. I hadn't put together a KidRobot custom in a year or so and decided it was time to dive right in on this project. Not only did I want to splice the Frank Kozik Labbit with the DeLorean, but I also wanted to have the figure light-up and make sounds. Not only does it have a tiny Flux Capacitor but I have re-designed the Time Machine so it now runs on Frank Kozik Liquid Labbit nicotine instead of the bio-degradable Mr. Fusion fuel.

Later this week you will be able to see this piece in person on display up at the KidRobot LA location on Melrose.

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Anonymous said...

Available NOW at Kidrobot Los Angeles. Call for details: 323.782.1474

-You're KRLA pal, Amy