Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive

A few weeks ago at the 2012 New York International Toy Fair, Playmates revealed their full line of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, playsets and vehicles to a select number of people who had to RSVP for the event. When guests entered the screening room they were handed a bright green tote bag containing a variety of goodies including a randomly selected Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Fair 2012 exclusive action figure. Earlier, Dan Eardley gave us an in-depth look at his exclusive Mikey figure. You can check out the video here! I, however, was able to get my favorite of the Heros in a Half Shell, Donatello!

These figures are amazing and the show is going to be even better! The new style finally gives each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles their own personalities in regards to their bodies and proportions. Donatello is the tallest and thinest, Mikey certainly embodies the young youth, Raphael is built like a football player and Leo is a lean, mean fighting machine!

They also have varying lengths of masks with Mikeys being the shortest and Donnie the longest. I love this new approach to the Turtles because each of the figures have sculpts unique to the characters. No more using the same tool across multiple characters; each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has very distinct differences including little toe prints under the foot.

Each of these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Fair 2012 exclusive action figures come inside a full color bag depicting all four of the brothers with new show logo. Un-boxing Donatello reveals a vacuum formed/flocked velvet enclosure to hold the figure.

This is the most detailed and articulated action figure I have ever seen Playmates produce! I like to think of these 2012 Toy Fair figures as the middle stage. We had first seen obviously plused up prototype photos with lots of dry brushing and wipes.

These figures do have some extra deco like a different color grip on the bo staff and some texture brushing on the limbs but not nearly as much as the prototypes.

And then there is the retail versions of these figures that won't have nearly as much deco as the previous two versions but will have the same high level of sculpted detailing. I really like the shell on the front of the figure because it is molded out of a flexible PVC allowing it to bend when the legs are positioned.

The belt and Bo Staff holster are one solid assembly fit to conform around the shell of Donatello. I remember early conversations with Playmates where they were debating on whether or not to deco the pupils of the Turtles. At the end of the day they decided to keep it OG and go with the solid white eyes as seen in the original figures as well as the comic series.

I can't wait for this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sereis from Nickelodeon to start up this fall but I'm even more excited that I can get the rest of the TMNT toys this August!

For all the lastest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news as reported from inside the walls of Nickelodeon be sure to check out the TMNTmaster on Twitter. Also for detailed coverage of all things TMNT, you can always check out Ninja Pizza and GO GREEN MACHINE. If your looking to see the ultimiate list of updates for IDW's new TMNT comic series, please refer to Rich's TMNT Ninja Turtles Blog. "God, I love being a Turtle!"


Vaughn Michael said...

So great!
How in the world can I get my hands on one of these?
I'd love to do a review and spread the word as well!

JRR Design said...

Vaughn! I was able to get this one from one of our marketers at our agency that went to Toy Fair this year. I only saw one of these go on eBay. It was a Leo figure. Last I remember the bidding was up to about $275 and then the listing was pulled before it ended. I had contacted the seller to ask what happened. Apparently he had some sort of connection that was going to get him the other 3 so he decided to keep it..

Dad To Liberty, Lover of Pens said...

Love it. I'm determined to my hands on a Donatello. I wish I was lucky enough to have money when that BIN for $200 was up, because it went quick. I would have even paid the $250 BIN, but didn't get to it fast enough.

Anyway, I hope to get one soon, but until then, I just have to live vicariously through you.

Great poses by the way.

Also, I had a question:

Did each figure at the Expo come with a sketch card and autograph from what I'm assuming is the voice actor who plays the character in the show? Because besides yours, I haven't seen one with that stuff.

JRR Design said...

No, I had gotten the sketch card from Ciro and the autograph from Rob Paulsen after a script read at the TMNT Burbank event last year. Really cool dudes..

Maddie said...

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