Sylmar Goat Hoser..

The story starts with disc golf. My friend Joe got me into the sport and we have been playing every chance we get. California has a wide range of different courses to choose from with a variety of terrains and scenery. One course in particular though has continued to baffle me. The Sylmar Disc Golf Course at Veterans Memorial Park in Sylmar, California not only feature a moderately hilly & wooded course, but it also has amazing wildlife, including a Goat Hoser that has his own igloo. If you think you just read that wrong, read it again. Facts about the Goat Hoser:

1. He is a Goat
2. He owns an igloo
3. He doesn't take any crap
4. Don't throw your disc over his fence because what's on his side, stays on his side
5. (Most importantly) Goat Hoser hates Hoagies. Bri-guy tried to give him one once; it only ticked him off and was discarded at the entrance of the igloo.

I couldn't think of a better way to honor this Goat Hoser other than making him his own Disc Golf Disc. Submitted for your approval is an illustration of the infamous Goat Hoser atop of his iconic igloo. Perhaps he will like it enough to let us print his image on some discs and play on the course. Enjoy!

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